Peter Max Unveils Theme Art for 2017 for Tennis World’s U.S. Open


NEW YORK CITY – With his iconic paintings, Peter Max  introduced Arthur Ashe Stadium to the world and his work was used to celebrate the 1997 US Open.

And 20 years later, Max has partnered with USTA again.

The 2017 US Open theme art marking the 20th anniversary of Arthur Ashe Stadium has been unveiled and the famous artist’s color is still as bright.

The theme art portrays two tennis racquets over the stadium and the sky is an exciting rainbow of orange and yellow with green and blue. Max said the racquets are symbolic of the fierce competition that takes place in New York leg of the Grand Slam each year.

“We could not think of a better way to kick off the 20th anniversary of Arthur Ashe Stadium than by ‘returning to source’ and having Peter Max create another signature work that truly captures the power of tennis’ grandest stadium,” said USTA Chairman of the Board, CEO and President Katrina Adams.

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